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01-29-2013, 03:08 PM
+ in my opinion: duration of shutdown- and cd's affecting abilities in general

no real counter for vm, except batteries and eng team(shared cd with tt )... just played in an arena where me and my mates in some cases were hit by 3 vm's in short time.
the first was counterable with a batterie on a 2min cd, but then... i guess there should be at least a short immunity when hit first.

no real counter and too long lasting duration of sn. sci team, i know (heard it does not work at all?).. but again there's the shared cd with tt.
also 30 sec duration seem way too long. even 10 secs is a long time in pvp, but 30?

last i encountered and was kind of surprised in the first place about is when your shields are full, even rsp just hit, and then one facing of your shields totally been stripped off (under fire ^^)... dunno what is causing that.

also to consider: may i just lack of experience ...

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