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01-29-2013, 03:09 PM
Well I had no problems at all last night after work. I was able to get in and bounce between my account and my son's without issue. Today after work I can't get the launcher to connect at all.

Nice job Perfect World. I played 3 years ago during beta and they had problems like this then. I quit and never did buy the game after the beta because it was terrible then. Then a year later I played again during the 1 year anniversary. I never experienced the issue then, but this same stuff was happening on the forums for SOME people. They tried blaming Comcast and some specific providers and how they routed stuff. Now it's 3 years in and they're STILL having routing issues with this game. No other MMO has these problems, why is STO plagued with this still 3 years later?

This stinks man, I really had some time to play tonight too.