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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
This is completely false -- where do you some of you come up with these rumors As our billing team posted earlier in the thread, PayPal was having an issue on their end. Instead of allowing our players to continue purchasing through the PayPal gateway and have their transactions take longer, we temporarily removed them as a billing gateway. Since everything is now resolved, we've reenabled PayPal as a payment gateway option.


Brandon =/\=
Everything is not resolved. See my post on at the end of the last page.

It would have been a good idea to post on the page where you enter info as a non-paypal using customer that it is expected to take 24h. I would have ran to gamestop or 7-11 to get a card. I can do that in 15 minutes.

I am a solid customer, all I ask is you give me what I pay for. PP took my money...where's me zen?

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