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01-29-2013, 03:20 PM
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1. True but at the same time for those who pay to play this game, I can understand that they are upset about the outtage considering it sounds like a Planned Test, they should have sent out a warning about the ouutage like most companies do,

2. that was the point that i was making before, we shouldnt be asking or even have to feel the NEED to ASK.. they should compensate people as a nice gesture and a sign of good faith, and customer relations. really think this is the only game that has issues that need to be fixed or where devs are working on a fix ? but ALOT of other companies have their devs working on troubleshooting and they still have time to update the community on the status, maybe they should employ a few more devs if they cant sort out a "launcher" problem.
1. True, but would an advance notice have prevented much of the whining going on? Given past experience with this forum, doubful.

2. Again, compensation is nice, but not likely. Some companies need a natural disaster to occur before they'll compensate their players. P2P companies are better at this....F2P, not so much.

3. This isn't Blizzard. They can't solve problems by simply throwing more people/money at the issue. They work within the resources they have. If that means that the priority is to fix the issue at hand rather than have someone F5 the forum page to provide up-to-the-minute responses, is what it is. We can't change that.
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