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01-29-2013, 04:22 PM
My concerns are still the same as last.

The breen cluster torpedo needs a look into, altered, changed and most of all the crit-link NEEDS to be solved. Tricobalt mine damage needs additional nerfing.

Next up is the APO immunity to movement debuffs. APO already has alot of bonuses tied to it, and we already know that escorts are king in pvp. They have it all from all departments in terms of speed, defense and offense which the other 2 classes cant have at the same time.

Lastly i still want defense removed from its correlation to speed. Defense should instead be given as a static numerical value based on ship type. Give cruiser a base 40%, SV a base 30% and escort 20%, and new engineering consoles to boost said value. Right now escorts are superior in both defense and offense with little risk to themselves, part in due to APO and the fact that escorts are at the majority of the time in control of the pace of battle. They can even escape and heal up while other ships will have a hard time catching up. This will too nullify the tractor beam hold which seriously sets both SV and cruisers in a gigantic disadvantage, as they dont have the escape possibilties as the escort and the fact their defense value is reduced to 0, aka sitting duck.
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