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01-29-2013, 03:35 PM
Tholian or anti tholian rep.. either would be interesting.. but I am suspecting actuall tholian rep on that one.. for would not the tholians possibly also find them selves at threat from the Demon of "air and darkness"? Tholians might not trust us organics, but I can think of a few they would trust even less..besides the borg (i do not even want to imagine assimilated Tholians...*shiver*)

More of interest for me though is some sort of a core faction rep which was mentioned , and possibly a rep system from doing foundry missions.

we'll have to just see where that goes in the long run.

I'll be watching for other comments on this thread.

............and while I'm at it.....

HEY, DANIEL. On the off chance your watching the forums (or someone is watching them for you.)

a bone dude, throw us a bone. tell us something that absolutly, positivly utterly cool KDF exclusive think\gs coming. Ships, costume, and mission. Just post it in the KDF forums.

Khemaraa sends.

P.S. still wondering about that "grave injustice" tweet leak.. Could be a romulan thing I'm thinking, especially with Denise Crosby recently at Cryptic doing what has to be voice work for the Emperess Sela character. No cryptic spokeperson has ever reffered to the state of KDF as a grave injustice or even close, so a quick application of Occoms razor vis a vis some of the apparent little parculiarities in the Romulan story line, and recalling the last place we saw the Emperesses flag ship.... well. We'll just have to see.
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