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01-29-2013, 03:39 PM
What annoys me most ATM, is that 4 nacelled ships are really hard to make look symetric (side view) or at least look good.

I have found some ways to make the prometheus look at least decent but it's very hard to find some good combinations with the (Fleet) Heavy Cruiser.

I won't start talking about cryptics ships, i tend to get really upset when getting into this issue. Let me just say that if i where in charge of Cryptic i would fire the responsible ship artist with a pleasure. Especially the person who made the Patrol escort, the various Assault cruiser variants (excluding the regent), and most other Cryptic ship models should be .... (insert something cruel and untasty here).

Sometimes they have some nice basic idea but they tend to add way too many things into one design, making it look overloaded. They should look much more onto their starships general shape instead of making each little detail look special.

By the way they should give us much more freedom when designning our ship at the ship tailor. At least they should make pylons and nacelles much more flexible to place and to size them.
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