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01-29-2013, 03:43 PM
And transplant this here from the FAW thread. Idea of it being a fix for the balancing issue that you run into with tac buffs increasing damage of some sci ability's. That causes a problem as a sci captain in a sci ship wont get much damage out of it but they cant increase it as a tac captain can just jam a battery and get everything the sci captain could from the power and more damage. So my idea is just get rid of 90% of the damage in sci powers and make them more about how they affect a target.

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The question about sci powers being tac buffed is would removing or reducing that make it where they would be rebalanced so that they would function adequately based on skill spec, and not on how much dps TBR/FBP puts out with full tac buffs.

I want tachyon beam to do something and be a worthwhile skill to take on a burst damage Vesta build but its not, its not even any where close to useful compared to TB and TBR or even GWIII.

Sci skills shouldn't be about the damage numbers they should be about the effects. VM is a good example it does 0 damage at all but is useful if you take it as it causes the enemy to use up options to counter it giving you an opportunity to make a kill. And TB is basically the space version of hold to the ground and pummel no one cares about the miniscule damage it does, the effect is worth so much more. Yet only a few people use TBR for the push effect most are still using it for the damage.

As far as tachyon beam I'd like to toss the drain and turn it into a just a flat reduces shield resist or possibly increases bleed through damage by % amount skill. That way instead of being a shield damage skill its a shield affecting skill.

Thats my opinion on science anyway.