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01-29-2013, 04:45 PM
Ok so the problems are stopping people from accessing launcher, logging in etc

Here is solution

You need to join a VPN or virtual private network

A virtual private network will allow you to route all of your incoming outgoing internet traffic through a server of your choice anywhere in the world.

Now give the fact that this issue is not an issue in certain parts of the world
(west coast USA for example)

You can connect to a server there or anywhere else until you get a working connection (Worked for me in about 2 minutes)

Anyway I found a website that sets all this up for you

it is possible to get a trial account the link is in the bottom right hand corner of the target page

You can google search purevpn if you are not comfortable clicking the link thats fine but please use my referal code. code 1360 or if it asks for my email

Once signed up for your account trial or otherwise should take less thna 5 mins to get logged in to STO