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*Sam watches as Gyunei walks out. A white light floods through the room, until she's in a white void.*

Matt: Well...

*Sam turns around to see Matt, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.*

...that was smart.

Sam: Matt?

*She runs up and tries to hug him, but he vanishes before she gets the chance.*

David: Mind you, that's what you've always done. You've thought on your feet and never stopped to look at where you were heading.

Sam: David?

T'mar: I worked so hard to keep you from falling apart - worked so hard to save you - and this is the thanks I get?!

Sam: T'mar?

T'mar: Please...

Drake: Like I could ever be someone so stupid.

Recognise me now?

Sam: Who are you?

*The figure changes to a white, angelic figure.*

Angel: I am who I've always been.

Call me a fallen angel.

Sam: You killed Drake.

Angel: Yes.

Sam: Why?

Angel: He hurt you.

Sam: He didn't deserve to die.

Angel: But you wanted him dead... you could just never bring yourself to do it.

I could.

Sam: Who are you?!

Angel: Someone who's been watching over you for years! Someone who couldn't let you fall into the darkness!

Sam: Why do you care?!

Angel: Why do you think?!

Matt died, and you wanted Drake dead. You couldn't do it, so I did it for you.

*Sam looks off to the side. The "angel" moves closer to her and rests a hand on her cheek.*

He was killing you inside. I couldn't let that happen.

Sam: I can't living knowing I killed a man, in cold blood.

Angel: Why?


Angel: Since when is justice ever wrong?!

Sam: That wasn't justice! That was murder!

Angel: Same damn thing!

Figure: No, they're not.

*The Veil figure appears.*

Sometimes we wish they were, but they're not.

*He looks at Sam.*

Sometimes we wish life was shorter, or that it was fair, but it isn't.

*A tear begins to fall from Sam's eye.*

Angel: She doesn't need you!

Figure: That's too bad. You started bringing up memories of her life, so now your stuck with me.

Angel: Leave her alone!

Figure: Sorry.

*Sam grabs Angel's hand and pushes it away. She thinks back to the past few months.

After Matt's death, everything changed. She felt empty - like a massive chunk of her had been carved out. She didn't want to be alone, without him, but that's exactly what she did to herself. She started pushing people away, started looking for ways to get out of the grief she was carrying around.

She knew this had to happen. She was on a Sar'da'man.

It was a Dalosian Spiritual journey, to find peace when there was nothing left in the living world. You'd stop your heart and go through a vision, looking inside yourself to see what was there. She never believed it could actually happen though.*

Sam: Go away.

Angel: What?

Sam: You heard me. I don't want to be alone, but I don't want you either.

*The angel disappears, and the figure walks closer. Sam feels a warm, peaceful feeling.*

Who are you?

Figure: Does it matter?

Sam: Are you God?

Figure: No. I'm just someone, like you, who wants everything to be right.

*Sam touches the figure and the light surrounding him fades to show his face.*

Sam: Grandpa?

Ryan: Things will get better Sam. Don't give up on life, even if it's given up on you. You'd be surprised how kind the Universe can be.

Sam: I don't understand.

Ryan: You have the opportunity, now, to choose - to become something greater, nobler, and harder than you have been before. The Universe doesn't offer such chances often Sam.

*The light fades.*

*In the Facility's morgue, a figure sneaks in and walks over to the bio-bed Sam's body is lying on. He turns on the light and looks at the lifeless body. He's wearing Assault Ops Armour.*

Assault Ops *Sad*: No...

*He brushes her hair when his HUD displays a life reading. 1BPM. 5BPM. 10BPM.*


Come on Samantha, breath.

Unit One to Wolfhound. Energize.

*The two are beamed out to an unknown location.*

OOC: Will continue this at 15:00 GMT tomorrow.
GYunei: *Watching* You did retrieve a sample?

Doctor: I did but I don't think it is going to be much use..

Gyunei: You would be surprised.