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01-29-2013, 04:09 PM
The problems with the Compressed Cryo Launcher and the Cold Damage. It's a Pulsewave with Cold Damage, no one has Cold Resistance, this leads to 2 problems:

1. A super buffed tactical officer can one-shot you using the Arcwave Setting of the Cryo Pulsewave, no matter how many defense buffs you are running
2. There no exist armors with Cold Resistance, you only have a Tribble, wich is very little resistance compared to the normal armors that have around +60 for all the energies.

We need cold resistance to be added to the STF Armors or any kind of consumable, this it's going to make the Cryo Pulsewave still useful just like any other Pulsewave in the game but a gameplay much fairer.
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