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Originally Posted by ninthmaddog View Post
PW did not allow me the option to directly enter my CC infoas they have for the last 3 years, they handed that work to PP.
Sorry but the only option I dont see is American Express ... VISA and Master Card are accepted.

Don't nit pick me dude...PW should have made sure the system worked before they changed it.
No offense but it worked, its been only been a recent issue with the problem being on PayPal end, PayPal serves as a intermediate within you and your bank.

At the very least PW should have let us know before we paid how badly they had messed up.
So failure is on PayPal end but its PWI that somehow is to blame?

BTW you COULD contact PayPal directly and say something is wrong because you are not getting the service you paid for, this would put PayPal and PWI in direct conflict were the problem should be resolved.

That is, if PayPal did not so what it usual does, washing their hands of the whole problem and pointing the finger to others.

If PW put their faith in PP and PP is messing up, then it is on PW.

You know why PayPal been so successful? because they are so easy to set up ... nothing to do with faith, in fact PayPal is well known from screwing people over, like oh ... this:

paypals fingers are only in my pockets because of deceptive practices. They are trying to force people to have their info on paypal. It is a scam and I am not only deleting my paypal account, I don't plan on spending any more dollars on this game.
I dont use PayPal because of what happened with Something Awful charity drive, however you do have ways to deal with then, you can issue a complain with PayPal that PWI is not giving you the services you paid for and says they received no payment.

If you dont get a answer from their side I say its time to think on other options, such as pre-paid cards that I rather use because Sony have shown how "tight" security can be and at least with those you are safer that sorry.

Still if you dont get a answer from PWI within 5 business days I would suggest you contact PayPal and issue a complain over services paid but not rendered.

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