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01-29-2013, 06:06 PM
Different people have different levels of thinking so what may seem OP to one person isn't so to another. To me the lockbox ships do not seem that much of a step up in actual advantage they just seem to me like an iconic symbol of something you may not be able to normally get in a Star Trek game to play with. A good example is the KDF there were some games that let you play Klingons but for the most part looking back from 80's to the present majority of them have vastly been where you can only play a federation ship and most of the time it was the enterprise, enterprise A, or enterprise D.

I do think with some revamp of crafting though that these differences people are seeing that they want to fill the gap with should be done by crafting. STO like many games I've seen where crafting takes a major role in the begining of a game but as STO stands right now is right next to every other MMORPG where crafting is thrown out the window or if anything takes a back seat. Just a few examples of things like KDF players should be able to craft battle cloaks but make it where say a player could open personal shops in those areas of social zones no one ever goes to and be able to sell things so ships like the defiant that seem to lack things like this the only reason I don't play fed side is the powers the feds have to me are mediocre and takes away from the Star Trek experience. Little things like the battle cloak issue though are great ways to flesh out both factions. Also with the PvP issue I am kinda hoping something is done to bring it back to the feel of the DS9 era where both sides were allies and flesh the KDF out, Crafting out, PvP out, and putting in more factions.

In all though in a game where rewards are key there is nothing to balance if nothing draws the players into it. So PvP being just a death match doesn't appeal to players like me who have played just about every game but not all since the 80's and STO's PvP just feels like I am going back in time playing Wolfenstein 3D or Duke Nukem 3D.