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01-29-2013, 05:07 PM
My main pvp concern is people not playing it and complaining about supposedly OP gear on the forums.

On every single game when something is OP in space people just start using it. Here when someone gets his ass kicked he starts a post about how OP something is because he didn't know how to counter it. Funny.

On the other hand, ground pvp is horribly broken. I've been able to OS or two-shot constantly a group of players with my new Romulan tactical kit and a cryo pulsewave. Engineers can play in god more for 6 seconds with their new doffs every 45 seconds too. There is no real counter since tachyon harmonic can't be used by tacs or engs.

I should make a video of myself having fun slaughtering other players on ground just to show how frustrated the other team can be. It's litteraly a gankfest when a tac with a cryo pulseave and the right kit (Romulan or operative) is on the map.

Of course the cryo gun isn't the major issue; the differences between NPCs and players are. NPCs are just meatbags with 10k HP. They don't need heals, they don't have heals, and take some time to kill. A player has at most 600HP. It's really easy to make a one-shot for a tac, and with a OS your nanites can't proc if you're a sci and you can't heal. Ground PVE is extremely fun but ground pvp is just like slaughtering catter if you have the right kit and gear.

Even with my fed sci with a grenade & cryo guns, a tricorder scan, a medic kit and nanoprobe infestation, it's just too easy.

Of course i'm folliwing my own rule: when it's op, use it and don't complain about it, but i'm also aware that it can be a frustrating experience for the other team.

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