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01-29-2013, 06:07 PM
I think the UI in this game makes it hard for new players to pvp too, lets just think if cryptic made colored icons to differentiate the different profession of the boffs and also the
captain powers could be abit more lively in colors. The old console called red matter capacitor had colors, and then frankly like the ability to scale the buffs without having to use in game command lines would be better.

Also a little box that showed current Flight speed / Defense rating / Turn rate, what else?? could be nice maybe some options like auto hiding "pve mission info" when its not in use.
I would just like more customization options all around like there can only be 1 chat box why is that? And the in game combat channel chat is really beyond worthless it doesn't stop if you scroll up.

/GenSetEarlyOverrideFloat Hud_Statustarget_Space_Bufflist scale 1.5