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01-29-2013, 05:17 PM

I went out for a smoke to think about what I might post, and nothing else mattered compared to that. That's game-breaking for me. I won't queue with that. It's not fair to the other people on the team when that happens.

Tric bomb me, tractor spam me, drain me, outship me, drop nukes on me like they're a can of Pringles, I think I've been VM'd so many times at times that I'm not infected by VM - but VM's infected by me...and all of the countless other things that are so often brought up.

Tell you what - bring back the 2pc Borg set, bring back broken Rep shield regen, bring back the broken Elite Fleet Shield resists, bring back the broken Romulan DOFFs, and Hell - even add a Concentrated Tachyon Shockwave Torpedo...

...and I'd rather deal with having to fight that than dealing with the desync nonsense from the Temporal stuff.

Sure, maybe if that wasn't an issue for me - I might be bringing up or chiming in on other things being said in this thread...but there's plenty of folks that are more than willing to discuss those things.

I'd just like to be able to queue for PvP without thinking at some point I'm going to want to throw my keyboard through my monitor because I can't even manually redistribute my shields because the game's not recognizing that I'm hitting the spacebar.

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