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01-29-2013, 06:27 PM
I said this in another thread, but maybe I can mention it here too. Directed Energy Modulation needs a large damage/penetration buff.

I'll say this up front, I don't PvP much or at all. But the few times I have I've wished DEM had substantially more bleed through effect. In PvP as an engy in a cruiser I've no hope of downing a shield facing one on one.

I think direct to hull damage should be the cruisers speciality. Engies have 3 such Commander level abilites that do this, Aceton beam, eject warp and DEM.

Aceton beam is more about the enemies energy weapons debuff than it is the radiation DoT. EWP3 is the ONLY direct hull damage engy Com ability that does any sizable damage. DEM3 does nothing noticeable. No one uses it at the moment for a reason, it is fairly rubbish imo.

I'd go as far to say that with my setup, Aceton 1 does more DoT per tick (80 to hull off the top of my head) than DEM does per pulse (~36 according to tool tips).

That's why I reckon DEM, mainly DEM2/3 a cruiser only ability needs a makeover. Get through the shields and apply some meaningful direct to hull dps. Become a proper cruiser dps ability.

The excessive cool down time on it doesn't help either.

/my 2c
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