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01-29-2013, 05:33 PM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I'm pretty certain the timid creature grinders will be going away soon. If so, it will be clear it was an exploit.

I do agree that scaling mission rewards would do a lot to help this problem. One two hour mission should provide rewards equal to four 30 minute missions, and so on.
I really hope so. I wouldn't be sad to entirely lose timid behavior. The trade off is worth it to me. There are workarounds to beam over bombs and destroy a friendly ship. The only thing that I think we'd really lose is the ability to hid a passive ship inside of a station and attack the station's defenses before beaming down.

But, yes, it's been obvious for a very long time that such a rational rewards systems would work better.

If someone is going to grind 75 boss battles for 4 hours, I'm fine with that. I don't think it would be possible to create a 2 hour AFK mission. The player will be booted from STO.

I'm at the point of saying that if they can't finally implement a system like this, then they need to nerf the Foundry. They can give drops on the vetted spotlights. Otherwise, the only thing clogging up the top-rated will be the top-rated stories, played by players who just wanted a good story for story's sake.

I was pushing for Foundry rewards. But, if this is what it looks like, no thank you.

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