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*Vala is then taken away and given away to the people who then start having their way with her. Gyunei's men soon leave them to their justice*

*Gyunei then sends a communique that the Romulan Empire has dissolved and that Vala has been deposed and given to the people to receive justice.*

*Soon all eyes turn to the hapless Federation as the only power left in the Galaxy... *

*The Klingon Empire the peace keepers of the Federation and the Republic soon start evacuating as the army under Savatec has gained more power than the other factions and is marching on the First city.*

*James, Dorman, and the Vanguard that have arrived are soon in an evac shuttle on the way to the USS Odyssey C as enemy fire overwhelms the people that could not flee fast enough. *

James: *raspy voice* Beam them up as many as you can.

Firie: Yes sir..

Wax: *is silent in depression and watching as the Empire he knew falls apart and dies.*

James: How many did we get?

Firie: 100 out of 345...

James: *Lowers is head..* Take us and the group out.. Have the Republic refugees follow us.. The Federation is the only safe haven left for them now..
Diadact watchs with satisfaction.

Diadact: have all forces enter the playing field. And.have all forces meet up and surround the federation.