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01-29-2013, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
In the 2nd Level of the original Super Mario on the NES you can do exactly that :p though of course it was designed into the game as a way to skip levels.

For something to be a legitimate exploit it has to defined as such by those that made the system. You simply can't call it one until they say it is. Which is why I don't call it an exploit. You yourself have probably benefited from a number of things in the game that allow you to skip something or to make EC quickly in one way or another, that doesn't mean there exploits until Cryptic address them as such.

Otherwise you could argue that any new found way someone has come across to make easy money or dilithium is an exploit without it actually ever being accepted as such by the developers.

You see this is the point about regulation, the regulatory body has to cite the behaviour as an infringement of regulation. As of yet they have not done so. That does not mean they won't in the future class it as such.

But I see all this talk of "exploits" as being largely irrelevant.

With regards to scaling rewards I'm all for it, but you must understand there are only a tiny minority of the userbase that will ever play your 2 hour long mission no matter what incentives you put it in.
It's amazing how it is so ambiguous for you.

Maybe the devs are just thanking you for playing STO be giving you a million ECs per day for no work!