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Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I think the fix for timid creatures not dropping loot is necessary in the long run for NW and STO, so they should implement it.

However, for the time being, I can accept the removal of the feature. It's being abused too badly at the moment. We got by for many months without it, and we can do without it for a few more months if necessary.
This will fail, because frankly there are mission that are basically passive but don't use timid creatures they use active ones in a field where their shields won't work and you can simply drop mines on them and boom. They will attack you but they have no shields, so the effect is much the same.

Honestly there is no point in playing Whack-a-Feature because before long there will be no foundry features left.

Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Have you looked at the list of "top-rated" missions? Imagine looking at that list from the point of view of an author who put over 100 hours of work creating their mission, because they wanted to tell a story in something resembling the franchise they love. They wrote their own episode of Star Trek as a labor of love and now they want to see folks play it.

The number 1 Foundry mission: "Easy money, any lvl." That list is how most players find a Foundry mission to play. When it's clogged with that stuff, they can't find our missions unless they know what to look for.
So lets remove the emotion from this I understand you put a lot of work into your missions, not only that you put a lot of effort into offering up tutorials for others. I understand this, but I also understand something about art, you can put in 100 hours on a painting and you may find I beautiful those in your sphere of the artworld may find it beautiful but that doesn't mean the majority of people will.

The truth is the grinders be they passive or active will always be more popular because the majority of the playerbase don't care about your story missions nor ever will because they playing the agenda that cryptic have set out for them, grind till you drop. Indeed many of them still wouldn't bother with story missions even if this wasn't the case.

Even if you removed the passive grinders today the active ones would find their way to the top of the list. The reality is you don't have a problem with the grinders you have a problem with the way foundry missions are presented to the user, it's a UI issue.

The thing is as I have said and will continue to say only those that have an interest in community created story missions will play them and invest time in them, you may attract the odd casual player but the fact is your audience is a relatively small group of enthusiasts, it's a niche a cult phenomena, it was never meant to compete with mass marketed grind missions.

The solution is not a flame war between those pressured by time and cryptics grind agenda and a clique of dedicated foundry authors. Indeed that method of discussion has already led to resentment on both sides and some of the vitriol spilled across these pages by foundry authors has damaged the reputation of the group.

I suggest the solution is a UI change that protects the Story Mission Assets we have by first ensuring that grind mission be flagged us such in the editor. I.e. a tick button that says "story mission content" or "combat engagement content". Secondly that the search function can perform advanced queries to the published mission database and sort or show missions by type, date, rating and that it can use at least 3 of these queries to narrow down the search.

I believe the latter is the only way that will finally resolve the issue.

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