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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
This will fail,

So lets remove the emotion from this I understand you put a lot of work into your missions, not only that you put a lot of effort into offering up tutorials for others. I understand this, but I also understand something about art, you can put in 100 hours on a painting and you may find I beautiful those in your sphere of the artworld may find it beautiful but that doesn't mean the majority of people will.

The truth is the grinders be they passive or active will always be more popular because the majority of the playerbase don't care about your story missions nor ever will because they playing the agenda that cryptic have set out for them, grind till you drop. Indeed many of them still wouldn't bother with story missions even if this wasn't the case.

Even if you removed the passive grinders today the active ones would find their way to the top of the list. The reality is you don't have a problem with the grinders you have a problem with the way foundry missions are presented to the user, it's a UI issue.
No, it will not fail. Go ahead and try to take on 25 battleship 03 mobs placed in one spot with nebula in place. No, just try 10. It won't matter if you have the best of the best gear. You will explode, and the ships will break formation to attack you, thus they won't all explode due to the splash damage. Maybe 1 or 2 might, but in no time you'll find yourself on a map being swarmed by 20 battleships.

And please count the number of active grinders in the top rated. You know, the ones like mine where a player has to actually battle the bosses. Aside from a few accolade grinders, I don't see very many.

I don't care if the active ones do find their way to the top. They, at least, would be legit uses of the Foundry for build tests and fleet training. But, I don't think the thing will be clogged with exploits.

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