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01-29-2013, 07:21 PM
My biggest concern is (non-Vesta) Science Vessels' utter lack of viable offensive options, save Feedback Pulse and Polaron-based power drain builds.

  • Tachyon Beam is horrifically underpowered for a single-target ability. The innate resistance offered by six points in Power Insulators and the value added from virtually all endgame deflectors practically nullifies its effects. Even with 125 auxiliary power, six points in the Flow Capacitor skill, and a [Console - Science - Flow Capacitor Mk XI], the drain is negligible. That should definitely be on the list of powers that need to be re-examined. Perhaps convert it to drain by percentage and make it a hard counter to Reverse Shield Polarity.
  • The Leadership trait worries me. Now that it's actually working, and can stack, a ship using all human Bridge Officers can effectively shrug off a fully-buffed Viral Matrix. Considering the Subspace Decompiler skill requires a heavy investment, and Leadership essentially makes it worthless, I'd consider this to be a priority.

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