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01-29-2013, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
No, it will not fail. Go ahead and try to take on 25 battleship 03 mobs placed in one spot with nebula in place. No, just try 10. I won't matter if you have the best of the best gear. You will explode, and the ships will break formation to attack you.

And please count the number of active grinders in the top rated. You know, the ones like mine where a player has to actually battle the bosses. Aside from a few accolade grinders, I don't see very many.

I don't care if the active ones do find their way to the top. They, at least, would be legit uses of the Foundry for build tests and fleet training. But, I don't think the thing will be clogged with exploits.
It already works, I know one filled with Klingon Battleships that an ISO charge will set off easily especially with much smaller ships around them. Yes you'll die but they die too, they are also all pathed to a central point which they keep flying back to like some pseudo grav well which means they get chained to death.

So no, this change will make no difference as people had already found innovative ways before this.

The truth is you know that it doesn't matter if active or passive grinders exist or not, what matters is if they impede on the visibility of the story missions you create therefore the issue is with the UI and search engine.

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