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01-29-2013, 06:29 PM
I love the game.

I remember when the concept was first announced in 2000/2001 (??), and the original company went bust. i was very disappointed.

Then in I think early 2010, probably right around launch of the new STO... took me a few weeks to get going... external issues cropped up... then got my subscription in April.

Loved the game then... I've played a couple of Star Trek games, but they always left me wanting more. this, allowed me to create a character with skills (something I missed from my tabletop RPG days), customize a starship and fly it!

I was amazed and enthralled.

Played straight for ten months... then was forced to leave the game... more of those external issues... came back in July of 2012, but always keeping an eye on the game.

Played F2P when I came back, and really loved everything that was done with the game. Reactivated my subscription and this has been my only game ever since.

I can't pinpoint any one thing about the game I love, except for that it is Star Trek. It might not have a lot of what the franchise had... exploration and such. But there is enough to satisfy me for now.

I got into the Fleet system, run my own little fleet, even have a Tier1 starbase, and working on T2. I have about 12 characters, including my original one. three of which are VAs... but don't mind, I am enjoying playing some them thought he story missions again as different careers.

Loved the Winter Wonderland... thought that was really nice. Can't wait for the 3rd anny event. Missed the 2nd, and really did not partake the 1st. Very disappointed about that.

Soory for the wall of text... but to answer the OP question... YES! I do love this game...