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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
The battleships are the ones that drop the good loot. Stop telling me what I know. It totally matters. That is why they are set to timid. That is why timid is the exploit.
As I said there are number of missions out there they don't use timid and simply bunch active battleships together that you can chain kill.

One of the oldest grinder missions that actually existed even when the clickies were around uses this method.

It's called

Blast Test Dummie.

seek it out and play it, though be prepared repair if you try it on elite.

And as you know it totally doesn't matter because grinding was going on long before people learned to use timid... and most of those missions with active ships almost as easy and last about as long. It only became an issue when it impeded upon the visibility of Story Missions, so the solution doesn't lie in disabling bits of the foundry but in creating a UI that protects story assets.

The UI solution benefits everyone disabling bits of the foundry or trying to get grinders banned will benefit little if anyone.

EDIT: And this thread is also done. -Brandon

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