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01-29-2013, 06:42 PM
KDF Vet ship console shield vamp effect: it's cooldown is reduced by aux2batt and it shouldn't be.

Photonic Doffs with PSWTorp Console: Seems to double the effect per doff, ~45 seconds left on cooldown when using 3 purp doffs. 180 seconds is it's base timer. It's further reduced to ~12 seconds after a PSW is used.

In general it was a previous Dev's design to have 3 purple doffs for max effect: There seem to be cases where 2 is all that's needed b/c of double effects. Team doffs used to be like this, though it's been awhile since I've checked.

KDF Vet ship console: The console sometime becomes locked into 1 state (eg Tactical) after being hit by a Tric effect. This is similar to the way weapons locked before.

Transphasic Cluster Torps: These seem to have the effect where they all crit if there's a crit instead of a roll for each mine.

Extend Shields: Idk, but have heard these stack better than they should. Ie, greater than the 75% max shield resists.

Passive Placate Procs: See the thread on this for those concerns.

Power Creep: There's been a drastic change to CritH potential along w/passive shield/hull repairs w/the Rep system. It's to the point where high alphas w/a a moderate to long cooldown such as BO are much stronger. Conversely, passive repairs have gone up as well from the Sci consoles to the Rep system choices. This w/other much of the lockbox influx leaves newer players farther behind and at too much a disadvantage when starting PvP.

I will say ideas like the time effects are good ideas in terms of introducing something new, but need to be hashed out prior to "going live". Things, like putting the 2 strongest procs on 1 weapon is just bad. Please stick to adding variety and a means of testing prior to "go live".

Aux2batt and other Cooldown reducers: Imo, it's overpowered and in the very least EPTA shouldn't remove the cieling of 5 aux power. 30% or more (depending on boff cooldown and # of aux2batts) reduction is just too much when it can be done more than 1x during an abilities cooldown. I'd suggest making it so an abilities cooldown can only be reduced once whether it's aux2batt, AP doffs, photonic doffs, or even Tac Captains power. Just use the greatest net cooldown reducer.

SNB Doffs: Too powerful. This needs to have a very high immunity and/or only effect a small number of buffs.

The new AP ability: Too powerful. Quite frankly it'd be borderline OP just effecting 1 ship let alone an entire team.

Fleet B'rel 4 Eng Consoles: This is crap and should be 4 Sci consoles.

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