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01-29-2013, 06:51 PM
The whole ability is snafu. Typical cryptic though.

2.5% chance for energy weapons.. ok let's think about that one for a second.

It gives cannon weapons a ridiculous advantage since they have the fastest rate of fire and they fire in bursts so every little 'shot' has a chance to proc.

Beams get kicked in the nuts since they have much lower ROF and much lower damage.

5% chance for torpedoes and mines. Umm... we can only fire torpedoes and mines once every 6 seconds at best (photons) and with doffs its down to once per second but thats just ONE torpedo not 12+ cannon rounds hitting target each able to proc.

It should be:

1% chance to proc for cannons
5% chance to proc for beams
10% chance to proc for torpedoes.