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01-29-2013, 07:53 PM
Honestly, Eve Online is capable of doing this due to years of work by its devs to be able to do this. It used to be in Eve that half that number would crash the node. But a lot of very tired hamsters and some dev cheating later (look up time dilation in Eve), you can just about pull this off, though the lag still sucked from what I heard.

As to why can't they do this in STO, well, Eve Online has been around for what, almost 10 years now? And the devs have never stopped moving on it, even if not everyone agreed with the direction. STO is coming up on 3 years, and honestly, sometimes I wonder if the forgot the lights. But I'm sure people thought that about Eve too, so maybe someday we can all re-enact the battle from Sacrifice of Angels.

Oh, and yeah, Eve may only have 300K accounts and probably less players, but they're damn scary.
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