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Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
You forgot to add that Cryptic most definitely has deadlines, sort-of set work hours, and probably have no desire to take their work home with them.

So yeah, I'd sort of expect Joe Free-Time after work with months on end to map every weapon hardpoint as accurately as possible will turn out better work than Mike Ship-Guy who has to put out a ship every two weeks* and pray nothing goes wrong else the next ship he has to do in two weeks might end up rushed.

Does it really come as a surprise to you that fanmade stuff turns out better most of the time, with that in mind?

*number is pulled out of exhaust pipe, probably innaccurate, but likely in the ballpark based on observation.
Nope, not a surprise. That's why I suggested, in posts around the same page as the one you quoted, that they ask Joe-Free-Time to use their models in the game.

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