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Originally Posted by aramyll View Post
Since the use of cloaking devices by the federation is prohibited by a treaty, why not then circumvent that. The caitian stalker fighter is a great example of the use of stealth without a cloaking device.

A tier 5 escort ship for the z-store, having passive stealth just like the stalker fighters from the Atrox Carrier.

Chameleon class escort:

Hull Strength: 27,000
Shield Modifier: 1.15
Weapons: 4 Fore 3 Aft
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: Commader Tac, Lt. Comm Uni, Lt. Uni, Lt. Eng, Ensg Uni
Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn Rate: 22 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.20
Low Energy Signature
+10 Weapon Power
+10 Auxiliary Power
Can use cannons
Thoron Beam Generator (Universal Console Mod), same as stalker but would look similar to the Heavy Graviton Beam from the Maco set (without the knockback)

The ship is light agile and armed, with its light armor and low energy signature the ship can engage larger vessels and overpower them before they even know hit them. The ship is designed to counter the ever growing number of ships utilizing cloaking devices, it is capable of getting close to an enemy ship bombard it and then fall back waiting for its passive stealth to kick in so it can go in for another strike. Perfect for hit and run tactics, the ship is capable of deploying a Thoron Beam (Universal Console Mod). This console can generate a beam that deals moderate damage to an enemy, but also drains the target's Auxiliary Power and may take its Auxiliary Subsystems offline. There is also a chance the Thoron Beam will jam the target's sensors, making it even harder for the target to detect the Ship.

If im missing any info or your thoughts and comments would be nice, I have a good idea of how I want the ship to look but I suck and drawing and don't know squat about design lol.
If anything the Caitian ship designs should not be escorts but a hybrid of a light cruiser and a science ship.

Think Nebula but very maneuverable and with good speed. Not escort fast but almost.

Cruiser/Sci hybrid :

4 fore / 4 aft weapons
+5 to all power settings

Sci-ship derived:
subsystem targeting

Stations would be unique:

Lt Cmdr Science
Lt Cmdr Engineering
Lt Cmdr Tactical
Lt Science
Lt Engineering

yes..thats right.. NO COMMANDER slot for this T5 ship. Instead it has three Lt. Cmdr stations for each discipline and 2 auxiliary science and engineering stations.

Unique Console: Binar Battle Computer

Passive: Reduces subsystem targeting timers by 75%
Active (2 minute timer): 30 seconds in which subsystem targeting abilities have no timer.

The result is a highly versatile ship that, worthy of a caitian, stalks, disables and 'plays' with its prey before the final blow.