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Dear Cryptic,

Now that it's official, and the Ambassador Class will be joining us among the stars, I would like to request, and recommend, that you take this opportunity to do a revamp pass on the Wrath of Khan uniform.

In particular, here are some things that need to be addressed, as well as a recommendation:

1. Rank Pins, Part 1: The current rank pin floats above the uniform. Badly. Perhaps it should be readjusted?

2. Rank Pins, Part 2: Since the very beginning, we haven't been able to change this to match our actual rank, or the ranks of our bridge officers. And, there is no Admiral's rank either. Could we please get correct rank pins?

3. Shoulder strap: Where the rank pin is located, the strap seems crooked. I checked my shoulder width settings, chest settings, everything. The character is pretty much default size, so I have to think this is an error in the uniform itself.

4. Pants: The pants could use some work. They really look more like sweatpants that are too small, than the proper uniform pants. They should be a bit baggier. Not much, just a little. And there is supposed to be a pronounced bell-bottom at the boot-top.

5. Collar: Now, for my recommendation. With the release of the Ambassador Class, people will want to use this uniform even more. How about an option to hide the turtleneck collar, to make the uniform appropriate to the timeframe of the Enterprise-C?


The "monster maroon" is one of the most iconic uniforms in Trek, and it's a fan favorite. I see people using it all the time in game as well. So these requests aren't something that would affect only a handful of people. Many many players use this uniform.

If you truly wish to thank us who have supported you for 3 years, how about taking care of this request? Its come up for as long as the uniform has been available, which goes back as far as launch. What better way to tell your fans that you really do appreciate our loyalty, than taking care of something that has been talked about for this long?

I thank you for your time. Hopefully, this will catch the Dev's attention.


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