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Originally Posted by mariston View Post
I submit, any power or device that is "mandatory" in order to survive in PVP is overpowered (or the competing powers are underpowered).

An example is Tac Team. Every single recommended PVP build I have seen has one or more copies of Tac Team listed. In my own experiences, my turn rate and manual shield rebalancing is insufficient to keep up under heavy fire; so... I must carry Tac Team or I am decimated within seconds. The only power that is even close is Reverse Shield Polarity, and its cooldown is too long to make it economical to replace Tac Team. The neccessity of carrying Tac Team hinders cruisers and sci vessels and their limited tactical BOFF slots.

Because everyone (sorry for the generalization) accepts that Tac Team is a requirement for PVP, no one questions how underpowered any competing powers are. Even worse, the need for a build that includes Tac Team hinders potential creative builds.

Although this sounds like a crusade against Tac Team, it is not. I am stating that any power, console, device, etc that is considered a requirement to be good at PVP is either overpowered or the alternate powers are underpowered.
Since the game started I've wanted to slot in Attack pattern Delta onto my tanking cruisers, but the necessity for TT1 plus some form of AoE taunt slash weapons damage buff in FAW means my 2 tac slots will never change to anything else. PvP or PvE.
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