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01-29-2013, 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Nadeon and Tric... will launch a spread of Shockwave torpedoes at a million targets if you've got them on your screen. Okay, it may not - but it likely would. Hit up a 5 in Azure Rescue - firing a Nadeon Tric and it will fire a spread with one for everything there (Tarantula, Recluse, Orb, Mesh, Widows). It's a nerdgasm. It will piss off anybody that dropped EWP, because it will scatter the Hell out of the ships. Course, wait until after they've done their FAW spammage or they'll just pop them.

Nadeon Plasma... Orange Plasma DoTs. AoE application of Plasma DoTs at that from the shock.

Yeah, the Bio-Neural I got for my Fed is sitting in the bank. I'm having all sorts of goofy fun with the Nadeon on my KDF. I'm reading your post and I can't stop laughing
Well I tried torpedo spread and timed it right so that I could use Nadeon detonator simultaneously. I was in front of several targets but it only fired two projectiles. Another time I fired just by using the console, but again only two projectiles. Maybe all the targets weren't within the arc of fire??
Anyway, I'll try it in azure and see what happens.
Damn, I knew getting the Belerophon months ago was a good idea