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I bought for 300 cristal lobi this boff.
It was female Photonic Tactical officer with KHG uniform.
I gave to she KHG Mk XI, triolic tribble, 20 x hypo, and 20 x large battery. In other words good gears.
I went to new romulus. she died so quickly I had no time to heal she (I'm sci). When she died she disappears. I waste time to find where she died to respawn she. I ran a mission with 3 orion female bridge (officer (1 tac, 1 sci and 1 ing) and this photonic bridge officer. The first one who died was the photonic bridge officer. I can't use a boff like this. my worst boff is stronger than this photonic boff.
I think Cryptic are thief and swindler. They lie about this Boff. What they said about it's not true. This boff can die and by the way this boff dies faster than any poor boff.
I wasted my money because what cryptic said about this doff is not true. I feel they stole my money for rubbish!