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Originally Posted by captainwestbrook View Post
I can compare D'kora with other ships and say they are better too. I hate this mentality of comparing one ships' capabilities with others
Except it's a useful comparison because they are both tactical cruisers. It's not like comparing an escort to a cruiser or a carrier to a science ship. D'kora and Regent are very similar and fill the exact same tactical role. The D'kora is just better at it.

Hull strength: Equal 39K

Shield strength: D'kora (1.15 versus 1.10)

Power bonuses: Debatable. The D'kora has +5 power to all systems, the Regent has +10 to weapons but no engine bonus.

Boff layout: Regent has a universal lieutenant instead of a science lieutenant, but you'd be insane to NOT use that slot for science so that one is debatable.

Console slots: D'kora. It has 10 slots total. One will be taken by your Battle Module, but you get to decide which type it is.

Turn rate: D'kora (8 versus 7)

Dual cannons: D'kora (Regent cannot use them)

Special features:
* Regent has a low-DPS 180 degree quantum torpedo launcher, and a slightly glitchy explosive plasma trail.

* D'kora has the Battle Module, which gives you effectively a free RCS console, an extra +10 power to weapons, bonuses to your weapon skills, and an occasional swarm missile salvo.