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Originally Posted by keeny75 View Post
Morning peeps.

So I'm trying to get my ship build and skill points just right and need to get some answers to a few questions.

if I put 4 phaser relays in my tactical slots, each one producing a 30% to phaser damage making at total of 120%. Would I be right in saying that it would boost the damage output too100% maximum?
Or would the whole 120% be used in phaser damage?

Also would these consoles actually do anything if my energy and weapon training skills where on maximum?

I always thought that tac/sci/eng consoles are only there to pick up the slack of the skill traits you couldn't afford to bump up as much as you would like.
Is there really any need to get a turn rate console if you have you impulse skill trait maxed out? Etc??

Thanks for reading

In a word yes. The relays will stack to above you maxium.
Your weapon training skills boost your damage regardless. Plus what else are you going to put in there.

The consoles exist to boost whatever you want but generaly it takes a very high level console to get much of anything compared to your skill tree.

Rcs consoles boost your turn rate by a flat percentage so yes totaly worth it IF you find your turn rate less than optimal.
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