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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Ye, we have all figured that out, but it seems your qualms is more with science captain skills then let alone science abilites.
You asked me a question and I answered it, my problem with science skills is that everyone can use them better than a science captain which I feel is silly as it is supposed to be their speciality, I can understand why engineers get an unintentional bonus to their power in a science ship (Being able to put insane amounts of power into a science ship can do evil things) but there is no reason why attack patterns should boost the power of science skills.

Science suffers twice as a result of tac powers buffing sci skills as to be balanced they therefore have to be ineffective to anyone who doesn't run full aux power (Thus eliminating your power to actually kill stuff) combined with beam arrays having such low damage potential anyway means that you may as well not bother with sci/sci (with the exception of the Vesta) as you're ineffective in all ways other than setting something up for someone else.

Hence the two concerns I mentioned being beam damage being horribly low due to their own energy drain thus setting them way behind anything else (Except turrets) and science skills (See above paragraph)
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