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01-30-2013, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by keeny75 View Post
I love having all the special consoles on my ship. Sunspace jump, theta radiation, anti matter spread and the fantastic awesomeness of the torpedo point defence system.
And it's a real shame that I have to surrender them to be able to survive it pvp.
The good thing about having a carrier is that there is a seperate console slot for the fighters.

I would love to see special console slots on ships so that you can have these toys with out having to sacrifice your dedicated tac/sci/eng slots to make for a more enjoyable game play.
This. Most, if not all, of those special consoles need to be turned into Devices at least, if they're not going to put in a special type of console slot specifically for abilities.

Not so much for balance reasons, just... because it would be a lot more fun that way. I'd love to have Subspace Jump and Cloak on my Defiant at the same time without giving up space for things like armor consoles, and I'd probably even pick up the NX Class ship for its Magnetic Grappler.