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TT is OP, it is a poor mans RSP that gimps non Escorts since they have to slot it even if they only have a lt tac slot, thus loosing what little offensive options they had. It helps to make escorts much better tanks then they should be. The Shield redistribution is too strong. IMV, it should be removed from TT1 and added starting with TT2, TT3 should be half of the current value.
Accidentally, this is the reason why no-one has space for Eng team, hence all the VM GVP etx problems.

Ideally, a castable uber-heal in PvE (try NWS without Tac teams) and still must have heal in PvP, should be an Eng cpt skill. Not a tac Ensign skill at global CD. But since the Devs hate engs, give the shield distro to a LT and up Eng Bo skills (in a slightly weaker form) and give APD something much weaker in return. To compensate the poor tacs that for once have been hit with the nerf bat. That would put the option of running APD and APB before tacs, and still synergize with TT1.

I'm with Devoras, APO needs to be brought in line. Buff, Debuff, and Immunity in a skill that only tac ships have access to is BS. SCI and Cruiser cannot compete, not that there should be more "immune to everything skills" in game.

Eng class in space is useless, so are beam boats. Both Eng Cpt and BO powers need a good look at. Ens Eng has too little options, while TT does it all better (s.a.). Since doff introduced more and more ways to reduce CDs, the shared CD of ENg BO skills have become a big problem. CMD options are equally limited with next to zero benefit in PvE, and no synergy with eng player class in PvP. Eg. AUx2Sif2 from a sci is actually better then from most Eng in game right now, since sci has better reasons to run high aux, and brings SNB. MW does not make up for that. NE needs its numbers tweaked, and EPS has been obsoleted by Team batteries and set power boni. RSP3, BP3, AB3 all are ineffective for various reasons.

STill too much spam in game, both as pets and as annoying procs.

Dual cannons have been a joke for three years.

The Bug is OP, and yes I have one. OP, not unbeatable, still better then all other escorts. Buffing it every time that there is a new lockbox ship, doesn't help to make it less so. The Oddy and the Vesta fed side are equally obsoleting too many ships. Releasing the one escort/cruiser/carrier (recluse)/ sci boat to rule them all, limits options in PvP. It devalues the game play experience of many. I have designed toons to fly certain ships because I love them, but I can no longer justify fielding those in light of the much better options out there.

Lastly, sci resists are out of whack by an order of magnitude. The number of effective Sci BO Cmdr skills, is very limited, a sci/scort often does the job much better, both in PvE and PvP. Sci/sci needs to be viable again across the board of Cmrd options. (and yes i fly sci/sci most of the time)

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