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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
The bug ship does need balancing with the rest of the fleet escorts although the gap isnt as big as it used to be.
Before anyone says anything, i own this ship as well as the fleet mvam and the fleet defiant so i am comparing the top 3 escorts side by side.
As mentioned earlier, its superior in every way almost. If a good pilot flys all three in any match, the bug would do better full stop. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Maybe another way of balancing things is to not "nerf" the bug, but to buff the fleet escorts in way of defiant getting a slight turn buff and a universal ensign. This in my opinion would make it a seriously viable alternative.
The fleet mvam is almost there but just misses the mark. Maybe just a universal low tier station and voila. The bug grudges are gone

This would give the unlucky folks a very viable alternative.

At the same time its a win for cryptic in way of people dropping zen to get the modules to unlock the ships. Everyones a winner.
Maybe we should just stop running non-escorts all together.

But on a serious note, if these FED escorts were to get buffed, we need much better escort options KDF side. If you think that fed scorts can't compete, take a look at their KDF counterparts. Giving the Defiant an ideal Setup, should only happen if we get ideal fleet options for cruisers, sci ships, carriers, and raiders in the fleet store as well. aka fleet voq'uv = recluse etc.
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