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01-30-2013, 01:45 AM
Mining Claim BOUND Tickets is the most absurd reward to date - The Garbage rewards this time around is at a all time high:

First things first:

The massive amounts of DoFF packs being thrown into your pot couple with one of the lamest rewards to date (Mining Tickets).

They could have done alot better in offering players better rewards for their Zen purchases.

For starters, it would have been much better if they offer Lobi crates rewards in packs of 10, 25, and a whopping 50 account bound.


Fleet starbase type mirror versions of the ships.

Anyway, back to the tickets - Account bound would have been alot better than character bound.

Sure you can move Dilithium, but at a huge loss - since the only means to transfer Dilithium from one toon to another is via the Dilithium exchange. So there is a lost in Dilithium revenue by means of the market - insane.

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