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The "something more expensive is better than this so this is useless" mentality is stupid. The Regent is a very capable tactical cruiser, and as I already stated, if you can shell out the EC and module for it, a tier 5 shipyard fleet can get you the Fleet version which has the all important 4th tac console. The High Angle Quantum is eternally useful. I fire it 3 or 4 times more often than I did my standard version, which more than offsets for the lower DPS.
Don't get me wrong it is very capeable but the excel is in fact cheeper at 2000 zen VS 2500 for the acr, and the fleet version is only a t4 ship yard. Infact you dont really even need to buy the ra version, since there is no console worth having.

If you compare the fleet versions they are almost identical. The sov has 1 less turn rate but carries the tac ens and universal lt (which will most likely end up being science making is less dissimilar from the excel). The excel has one more turn rate and a lt sci and eng ens, But it also has the built in transwarp abilitys.

But then pve in this game is easy enough you can fly whatever you want with little penalty.

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