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# 1 Itemdatabase for Website
01-30-2013, 02:16 AM
Hi everyone,

well I'am wondering, is it just me or does this game have some kind of confusing and messed up informations about ingame items?

When I started to play STO I was pretty confused what Item belongs where, what kind of Wapon should be used, how much different Wapons are in game, and so on. And I still think that it is quite tricky to get all infomations about an Item (and relationships to other Items of the same kind). The Wiki is not a bad thing, but to use the Wiki efficently you need to search specialy for one Item. There is no way to just get an overview like in other MMOs.

I would like to make a website on my own, with a logical menu structure, showing up Items by Kind, showing up Items by powers, Items by who drop it ... and so on. But where to get a full Database of all the Items from? Or maybe there is already such a site and I just missed it?