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01-30-2013, 02:31 AM
I went for the Haj Heavy Bird of Prey. With rapid fire cannons, toprpedo spread on my rapid fire transphasic torpedos, it makes for an evil support vessel. Its great to de-cloak of the stern of an enemy npc or a fed player, unload a barrage of torps and cannon fire, then quickly activate the wide spread cannon volley and high yield torp for the second barrage. This tactic brings much damage to my foes!

It all depends on your fighting style. My fed avatar has a large cruiser, which is slow and lumbering, but its heavily armed. My BoP is for heavy hit and runs. The battle cloak never ceases to be valuable though, especially when your on STF missions, and the queen starts firing her OP weapons at you!

My Haj is fully armed with dual heavy antiproton cannons, and anti proton turret, rapid fire transphasic torpedo and a transphasic cluster torpedo on the rear for good measure. I know that people would say get some quantums or plasmas, but my ship has the "honour guard" kit, so aesthetically it all matches up!

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