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01-30-2013, 02:43 AM
In STO after my opinion the prerequisites for having a nice PVP experience are in order of importance :
I started winning matches after I put MKXII purple weapons each costing around 6-10 mil on exchange.
If you don't have a good turn rate ,a good shield mod and some hull you have a handicap toward other players using better ships.A jhas versus another escort ,both with same weapons ,same skill pilot's who will win in the end ?
You must have and slot good doffs otherwise things won't go very good in PVP.Same ship ,same weapon one with doffs slotted one without doffs slotted it is easy to know wich will win if the pilots are equal in skill.
Skill in my opinion comes only after all those from above and it is proved in field when somebody having lower grade weapon's,lower grade ship manages to win against a similar or better configuration ship .Wining against a weaker adversary is not skill it is just applied mathematics.
* I am speaking from one ship to another ship encounters not about team fighting against another team .