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01-30-2013, 02:52 AM
I fly nothing but BoP! My Haj Heavy BoP is so invaluable in a borg STF battle. the biggest mistake is see, is when lazy captains load up a BoP with beams instead of cannons. I have rapid fire cannon volley, scatter volley, high yield torps, and scatter volley of torps. THis is done with all anti protom dual heavy cannons, and transphasics, namely the cluster torp, and the rapid fire torp. My BoP will come in, decloak, send a barrage of death at the enemy in two volleys. The second that i'm in danger, i cloak, reposition, and when the enemy has another target, i de-cloak and repeat.

I was actually considering for my first fleet ship, the Hoh'sus BoP. Does anyone have this, as i would like to know what its like. I am currently swaying towards the fleet B'rel.

All my ships are BoP, and i wouldnt change any of them!