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I think the -Threat consoles are a nice boon to BoPs in STFs.

To be honest with you the main reason I no longer fly a BoP for STFs is because I don't need cloaking and because other KDF options* are so amazingly strong that taking the BoP just feels silly.

(Currently Fleet Vorcha, 1K Vet Ship, Kar'Fi & Guramba are my ships of choice).

I don't think a reduced cooldown timer is ever going to happen for a single class of ships.
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You are a true Klingon in your heart.
Now get rid of that capitalist symbol of tyranny from your avatar.
I have changed the avatar. Death to the federation!

I too am looking forward to getting a B'rel, but they have added the Hoh'sus BoP, so now i dont know which one i will go for! Anyone have any suggestions or advice?