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01-30-2013, 05:27 AM
Sometimes names get interchanged a lot on shows. this can either be due to the writer just being a bit sloppy with his words or a mix up between the writers and the fx guys

there are 3 dominion ships in the show. as with lots of things they sometimes get their sizes mixed up when being displayed on screen but there was only 3. the heavy escort version is STO only.

the attacks ships were never a match for the defiant one on one. in the search it was a 3-1 situation and the first good hit the defiant got ripped it to pieces.

the main advantage the dominion had early on is their weapons passed right through feds shields, meaning all contact went straight to the hull. once they fixed that the attack ships became more like large fighters and less of a threat.

the warship is the middle sized one and is similar to a galaxy class ship,

the battleship (called a dreadnought in game) is their largest and most powerful

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