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01-30-2013, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
I think this is thread isn't meant to be a "Post your top 5 annoying bugs", it's only the personal top 5 of the opener.

For your 5) the command "/stuck" helps on some maps. Simply enter it into the chat.

Now back to the topic: I think, if the opener says he uses beams on the Vesta, then the advice "Use 3 Aux-DHCs in front" is fail. My scientist has got also a Vesta and uses Romulan-Plasma Beams and Dual Beams. I can still use the built-in subsystem-targeting and Beam-abilities like Fire at Will.
I also use the Romulan Hyper-Plasma-Torpedo-Launcher in front and the Omega Torpedo-Launcher in the back.
Finally I've got also the Cutting-Beam mounted on the Vesta.

That's the reason why I run weapons at 121 Power - anything above 125 would be just a waste.
well the topic is mostly meant to make crypic aware of rather persistent bugs that keep plaguing the space game and STFs. whether people want to hop on the band wagon and say i think the bug posted by the OP are really annoying to or post there own top 5 i don't really care. as long as cryptic is made aware of things that keep annoying the players.

discussing the vesta DPS is somewhat derailing the thread but i find the info useful so keep it coming. your setup is identical to mine except i use tetrion cannons in front and a tetrion beam(need to be replaced by something more "apropiate") in the back alongside the set items.
i don't think the problem lies whit the vesta though but whit the models that calculate all damage in STO. they seem to allow for extremes that are just to big. having weapons jam and a couple of low rolls for damage can make you feel like you are fing blanks while a couple of high rolls and crits can allow you quickly dispatch of a tactical cube on your own.
First of all it's not even a crafting system! It's just a dumb game system that's nothing more than a glorified slots machine.
second the "special items" you hope will be the saving the saving grace are messed up to.